Selective Transportation Corp operates primarily in the New York, New Jersey Metropolitan area, with a large fleet of trucks providing consistent, reliable overnight pick-up and delivery. Its affiliated assembly, consolidation distribution and warehousing services are ideally tailored to each customer’s unique requirements.

One call CAN do it all!

Assembly: Consolidation, distribution throughout the northeast.
Warehousing: Cross-dock transfers, seasonal and promotional distribution programs.
Direct LTL Service: From the northeast to all major markets.
Modern Material Handling Equipment: That can be powerized, computerized and customized to your specifications.
Bar Code: Labeling, receiving, sorting, loading and manifesting
Computer Network Tracking: And electronic data interchange (EDI) transaction capability.
Computer Perpetual Inventory: By Item, Style or SKU for each customer.
Solid, Sophisticated Security: System incorporating Honeywell electronics, closed circuit TV surveillance and 24 hour security guard service.

Direct Loading

“DIRECT” loading of your LTL freight to all major markets in the United States. We do not load through “breakbulk” facilities, which significantly reduces the potential for shortages, damages and delays in transit.

Super Warehouse

Each pallet position…whether as part of the heavy duty racks…or on the floor…is computerized for location. We maintain a perpetual and instantaneous inventory control by style or SKU number for each customer. A record of your inventory in our possession is no further away than your e-mail or fax machine. Solutions are balanced and incorporate technology supported by services, both of which are profiled and customized to clients’ specific needs.